Becoming Nursey: From Code Blues to Code Browns, How to Care for Your Patients and Yourself By Kati L. Kleber

Becoming nursey- for the new nurses out there.

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Nursing isn’t a career; it’s a calling. Learning how to be a great nurse at the bedside while maintaining your sanity at home is no easy task. This book discusses about how to realistically live as a nurse, both at home and at the bedside – with a little humor and some shenanigans along the way. Topics include nursing school survival, time management, talking to physicians, dealing with mistakes, and how to survive your first code without coding yourself. Learn the tools you need to become a safe, caring, and efficient nurse as fast as possible. Join the nursing school and health care organizations across the country who are utilizing this book to better prepare and support their nurses for successful patient care. Get ready – it’s about to get real, real nursey.