The Official Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners

75+ Recipes for Faster, Healthier, & Crispier Fried Favorites.

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Ninja has perfected air frying with the new Max XL, making it simple for beginners to prepare delectable air-fried foods. This officially licensed air fryer cookbook shows you everything you need to get the most out of your Ninja. You’ll also discover easy, irresistible recipes for entrees, snacks, and beyond.

What sets this air fryer recipes cookbook apart:

  • Ninja stamp of approval—This official companion to the Ninja Max XL helps make air frying even easier with information on the new features, instructions for how to use each function, and a handy FAQ section with conversion charts for other Ninja devices.
  • Meal improv lessons—Learn the secrets to air frying and make 7 classic dishes without a recipe and only a few ingredients on hand.
  • Beginner-friendly meal plan—Discover a complete 1-week meal plan and shopping lists that make getting started with the Ninja Max XL simple.


Master your Max XL and make mouthwatering meals in a flash with this must-have air fryer cookbook.